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It is crucial that healthcare employees properly desinfect their hands when treating with patients. Doing so, it is estimated that 1 million lives could be saved yearly around the world, which would represent an approximate amount of 60 billion USD of saved money.

Govisystem™ works with a large variety of clinical companies and organizations:

  • Acute hospitals
  • Day hospitals
  • Dialysis centers
  • Geriatric Residences
  • Socio sanitary centers

Moments of critical risk

When treating with patients, there are five critical moments of infection risk in which it is vital to pay special attention to hand hygiene, in order to avoid infections.

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Health care employees need to sanitize their hands many times along the day. It is not unusual that, sometimes, they forget to do it. Therefore, the existence and availability of an effective and comfortable device, which aims and facilitates the effective follow up pf desinfection protocols, is fundamental for companies and organizations working within the clinical and health care sector.

The importance of hand hygiene is vital. A good hand hygiene will save lives −and money. As shown below, nosocomial infections −infections caused inside a clinical centre− are frequent, lethal and costly:


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