An exclusive offer for the site Your advertisement for 50,000,000 sites …

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An exclusive offer for the site Your advertisement for 50,000,000 sites ...
Hey. We offer you our advertising services. We are engaged in the distribution of promotional offers by forms feedback sites. We have over 50,000,000 sites in our database. By ordering a service from us, you are guaranteed to find clients, subscribers and interested audience. Take your business to the next level - use our service. We work with absolutely all subjects. Anonymity is guaranteed. Here is our price list: ALL SITES (all sites listed below) - 53,947,748 sites - $ 3000 Germany - 3,759,098 sites - $ 750 UK - 2,987,547 sites - $ 750 Netherlands - 1 470 847 sites - $ 750 France - 1,780,847 sites - $ 750 Australia and New Zealand - 2,546,900 sites - $ 750 Switzerland, Austria and Belgium - 3,657,893 sites - $ 750 ALL OTHER SITES (all countries of the world, including the USA) - 38,978,629 sites - $ 1,750 To order, you must send us by mail contact-form-ads [@ - (remove brackets and spaces) the following data: 1. Message header 2. The text of your advertising message including a link to your site (blog, forum, video, etc.) and contact details if necessary. All this in any form, as you need. 3. A separate email that you do not use, it will receive many reports of successful sending. This will be the report on the work done. You can visit it at any time and watch. Not all sites receive messages about successful sending, but still there will be a lot of them. At the moment, we accept payment only at BTC. After you send him all the data for mailing, we will send you the BTC wallet number in a response letter and only after payment will we start sending your advertising message. After December 27, prices will increase by 25%. Order our services right now.

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