nurse, patient, white, hospital
nurse, patient, white, hospital
Safety in the Clinical Sector
Safety in the Clinical Sector
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How does It work?

Recognize the employee who recived gel, analyze data and create follow reports in real time.

Intelligent dispenser connected to an individualized biometric monitoring system for hand hygiene habits.


  • Acute hostiptals.
  • Day hospitals, Dialysis centers, ...
  • Geriatric Residences.
  • Socio sanitary centers.
  • Food production and distribution industries.
  • Restaurants (monitoring hand higiene habit of employees after they use toilets).

Patent registered:

  • Spainish Patent Number # 1 186 958 with priority world-wide claim from 16 June 2017.
  • U.S. Patent Pending 15 / 983,273
  • International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (RO / IB) Number 18W_3034

Our design permits its application in:

  • Hospitals and Health centers
  • Day care Hospitals, Dialysis centers etc. to preventing Intravascular Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection
  • Socio sanitary Centers
  • Geriatric Residences
  • Food Processing and distribution industries
  • Restaurants

The state of the art

1 Activation of the dispensor based on biometric identification
2 It provides a monitoring system for individualized feedback in real time.
3Its a "Stand alone" system.
4It can also interact with the hospital data base, to acces the hand-hygiene moments of medical personal, who treated infected patients, thus provide a basis for "legal" defense.


Provides feedback on an individual basis to be able to correct protocol non-compliance, whitch is the basis for habit-forming

The follow up mecanism from the management provides the reason to follow the protocol (as there could be consequences). This créate habits and people don’t forget.

Provide a LEAN solution to the managers:

  • Morality improvement.
  • Morbidity improvement.
  • Improvement of cost of no-quality.
  • An investment that amortizes en 1-2 months
  • "Independent" system.
  • Easy maintenance.

Managers know in real time can know;

  • In which despensor gel is consumed and in which not.
  • In which dispensor and when they need to refill.
  • What amount of gel is consumed in the organization to optimize stock level.
  • Possible transmission of gel consumption data to gel manufacturer to do JIT

"Make this a good-bye gesture to hospital borne germs"