Govisystem™: the sanitizer dispenser thought for your needs

Govisystem™ is a revolutionary dispenser was born to help health personnel and food handling staff to perform their work more safely.

Our goal is help hospitals and food processing industries to do their part by putting in place the missing system. Thanks to the feedback provided by our software, our clients will be able to get a better control on protocol compliance levels. That, in turn, will provide better control on hospital acquired infections, and on the prevention of food contamination in restaurants or market. Thus we can reduce not only mortality, but also morbidity, which will lead to significant cost savings; especially, in hospitals. Furthermore, in the alimentary industry, good hygiene is a must to guarantee good quality products and services. It is therefore crucial to offer safe food to consumers.

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This system, designed for the real needs of your personnel, helps them work more easily and comfortably. That allows for the establishment the currently missing hygiene habit , in order to achieve a better protocol compliance. That is possible thanks to the dispenser location, the regular product availability and individualized the follow up.

We believe the closer is the dispenser to the point of use, given our intelligent system that guarantees the dispenser refill, the better will be the compliance. Besides the strategic positioning, the compliance data collection will provide the management valuable information on individual habits.  This will help them apply  best practices int their job. In a short time, you will see how the compliance rate starts improving and staff will work safer.

How it works

Our dispenser is an intelligent system that recognize the employee who received gel by biometric identification. That allows:

  1. The  dispenser activation by sensors, avoiding contamination.
  2. A customized gel doses, ensuring effective and efficient hygiene.
  3. Record data, for analysis and generate follow up reports in real time.

      In addition:

  1. It’s a “Stand alone” system.
  2. A dispenser with gel level detector that trasmit signals to provide refills on time and guarantee gel availability.
  3. Optionally, it can also interact with the hospital data base. This allows managers to identify the hand-hygiene moments of the patient attended and compare them with the hand hygiene moments for the employees involved. This data could be very useful to establish traceability between clinical staff and infected patients, and possible accountability.
  4. The individual compliance data related to hygiene moments of the infected patients could be useful for legal defense of the employees involved.
  5. It can also interact with the hospital data base. (Enable only for cinical sector.) That allow managers to indetify the hand-hygiene moments and filter per employee. This data could be very useful to know  who treated infected patients, and the security measures that they took.
  6. A providing data collection that can be used as a base for “legal” defense.

A Feedback that helps you to improve at work

Govisystem provides feedback on an individual basis to be able to correct protocol non-compliance, which is the basis for habit-forming. This information is necessary to create awareness and encourages good practices and habits, stimulating higher levels of compliance.

In the following slide, you will find all the advantages of Govisystem for staff, managers and companies.

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Let managers know in real time

About Personnel:

- Individualized compliance rates monitoring.

- Personalized follow-up of each employee.

- Identification of critical moments when compliance decrease.

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Let managers know in real time

About Dispenser:

- In which dispenser gel is consumed and in which not.

- In which dispenser and when needs refill.

- Identification of critical moments when compliance decrease.

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Let managers take control

General advantages:

- Training employees and helping establish habits for a better protocol compliance.

- Possible transmission of consumption data to gel manofacturer for JIT inventory control.

- Traceability record for "legal” defense.

- An investment that amortizes in 1-2 months.
- "Independent" system.

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Let managers take control

Advantages for clinical sector:

- Control and prevent nosominal inffections.

- Increase in bed availability.

- Decrease in mortality.

- Decrease in morbidity.

- Cost reduction due to reduced morbimortality.

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…and remember!

– Say good bye to germs and bacteria –

A gesture as easy as placing your middle finger in the Govisystem dispenser can save many lives!