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Food safety

Within the alimentary sector, hand hygiene is especially important for professionals who are in direct contact with foodstuff, such as chefs, waiting staff or indudstrial food manufacturers. A study carried out by the CDC -Center for Disease Control and Prevention- in 2013 found out that professionals working in U.S. located restaurants wash their hands an average of 27% times of what they should.

A proper hand hygiene could prevent the transmission of bacteria, thus avoid infections of customers caused by what they consume, either at a restaurant of bought from the market/supermarket.

Govisystem™ currently works with the following types of alimentary companies and organizations:

  • Restaurants
  • Cantines
  • Food processing factories
  • Food distribution companies

There are some moments of critical risk infection in which it is vital to pay special attention to hand hygiene, in order to avoid infections:

  • Immediately before food handling
  • After touching body parts’
  • After using washrooms
  • After coughing, sneezing (into sleeve/crook of elbow and not into hands) or using a tissue
  • After changing tasks, especially if switching between working with raw meat and working with ready to eat or cooked foods
  • After handling money, garbage or  tools/equipment
  • After touching dirty surfaces
  • After picking up something from the floor
  • After engaging in any activity that contaminates hands.