First system to monitor hand-hygiene moments

Intelligent Dispenser. 5 hand-hygiene moments.

5 hand-hygiene moments. Compliance made easy.

A new tool to develop the right habit, the missing link in hand-hygiene compliance.

Govisystem™  offers you the ideal tool to monitor and guarantee that all your employees are disinfecting their hands. It is an intelligent sanitizer dispenser that reads the users´ RFID chip on the bracelet (or finger print) when one gets the sanitizer gel.

It transmits the identification data, the time and dispenser location in real time, to your computer or to your private cloud managed by Govisystem™.

We have designed a system that breaks down the 5 moments in two double digit numbers of 14 and 23, putting them in a practical order, helps you understand the right hand-hygiene practice and, most importantly, helps you put that understanding into practice.

Then its practice will allow you to remember when exactly you need to hand rub, in order to protect yourself and your patients! 

At the end of the day you will get a feedback to know which moments you missed out, to create the right habit!  Its economic design (about 150$/piece) makes it affordable for healthcare organizations, geriatric residences, small clinics, daycare facilities, to name a few.

Watch this video to see how the system works!

We are looking for investors and strategic partners. If you are a healthcare facility, a distributor, or a consulting company, please contact us for more information.

Just memorize this sequence 14-23-5. At the end of the day you will get feedback to know which moments you missed out! 

Moment 1 – Before touching a patient.

Moment 2 – Before initiating clean/aseptic procedure.

Moment 4 – After touching a patient.

Moment 3 – After the procedure with body fluid exposure risk.

Moment 5 – After touching a patient’s surroundings.

Safer system leads to safer rules. Safer rules permit safer practices. Safer practices save lives and costs!