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A system for tracking hand-hygiene habits of employees of healthcare, pharmaceutical and food  industries.

Safer system leads to safer rules. Safer rules permit safer practices. 

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Make this a good-bye gesture to hospital-borne germs and help save each year worldwide

• 1 Million Lives
• 60 Billion USD

56% of Infections can be prevented

Govisystem´s™  innovative dispensers help employees create the habit, the lack of which is the missing step in achieving hand-hygiene protocol compliance. Govisystem´s™ patented intelligent dispenser, which reads the fingerprint of the very hand placed in it to obtain gel (please see the 14 second video above) transmits the following information to a monitoring device in real time: which employee obtained gel, at which dispenser location (which patient room), what time, how many times during the shift, and at what intervals.  With this information hand hygiene moments are tracked for each employee.

* Govisystem™  has been designed to help establish the habit by eliminating the systemic issues through LAVAGE.

Location of gel dispenser is placed within two steps from the point of use.
Availability of gel is ensured through real-time monitoring of gel dispenser levels on the computer screen of the person responsible for replenishment.
Validity of gel used is guaranteed through proper quality control methods.
Amount of gel dispensed can be personalized, as each user´s  glove size (S, M or L) is associated with the corresponding fingerprint.
Guidance for employees is established through hand-hygiene protocols, and through individual targets, in line with the WHO recommendations.
Evaluations and follow up are done through real-time monitoring of individual hand-hygiene habits.

With this system, hospitals can expect to reduce nosocomial infections.

Our device has been successfully tested by an authorized independent lab APPLUS to certify that our device complies with the following  Electro-Magnetic Compatibility standards of the European Union:

1. UNE-EN 55014-1:2008 +Erratum:2009 +A1:2009+A2:2012
2. UNE-EN 55014-2: 2015

Our devices are also certified to ⊂∈ Marking to guarantee safety for all its users.

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