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A System for Hand Hygiene Habit-forming™

Because systemic problems need systemic solutions

Make this a good-bye gesture to hospital borne germs

finger, middle finger, print, hand

And help save each year worldwide

• 1 Million Lives
• 60 Billion USD

56% of Infections can be prevented

Govisystem™ is an Innovative System that helps employees create the habit; this is the missing step in achieving hand Hygiene protocol compliance. Govisystem™ is a patented intelligent dispenser, which reads the fingerprint of the very hand placed in it to obtain gel (please see the 14 second video above) and transmits the following information to a monitoring device in real time: which employee obtained gel, at which dispenser location (which patient room) and when.  With this information hand hygiene moments are tracked for each employee.

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* Govisystem™ helps SAVE lives through LAVAGE (French for washing). It has been precisely designed to help establish the habit by eliminating the systemic issues through LAVAGE.

🅛 Location of gel dispenser is placed within two steps from the point of use.
🅐 Availability of gel is ensured through real-time monitoring of gel dispenser levels on the computer screen of the person who has to do replenish it.
🅥 Validity of gel used is guaranteed through proper quality control methods.
🅐 Amount of gel dispensed for each individual user is personalized as their “glove size” (S, M or L) is associated with the corresponding fingerprints.
🅖 Guidance for employees are established through hand-hygiene protocols, and through individual targets, in line with the WHO recommendations.
🅔 Evaluations and follow up are done through real-time monitoring of individual hand-hygiene habits.

With this system, hospitals can expect to reduce nosocomial infections due to its SAVE formula:

🅢 System (Govisystem) is put in place by the organization to eliminate all systemic issues* to help employees establish hand hygiene habit.
🅐 Attitude of health care employees are created  through sensitization training and, thanks to its individual evaluation method and follow up, employees increase hand hygiene protocol compliance.
🅥 Versed employees in hand hygiene are developed through proper training.
🅔 Establishing the habit then becomes easy, lack of which  is the underlying problem in hand hygiene protocol compliance.